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Skin Care Helps


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Here are the quality products

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and I tell you it makes a difference over health and performance



          (for SKIN, HAIR & ORAL PROBLEMS)


A.V. Emergency Spray

Soothing, moisturizing, Your Natural Skin Specialist

HEAD: dandruff, lice, headache, itchy scalp

SKIN: anti-inflammatory initiate the healing process for the damage tissue cause by Acne, pimples, and blemishes, diminish the scars, marks and spot on the skin and on the face, cuts, burns, irritations, allergies, corns, warts.

ORAL: toothache, tonsillitis, bleeding gums, Singaw, Sore throat

Deodorizer: Athlete’s foot, foul odor, bad breath

Decongestant: Blocked nose, runny nose, nasal obstruction

Disinfectant: Hand Sanitizer

Anti-bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammatory

Pain reliever (toothache, earache, headache, muscle aches.

Application: Spray on affected area.

 Price: Php 789. (150ml)


A.V. Concentrate 
Health Benefits: It cures Burns and sunburn, Swelling and inflammation, Use for compressing for heavily bruised or sprained, Pimples, open wounds and abrasions, Insect bites and rashes, Skin problems:  allergies, psoriasis, dry eczema tandem with emergency spray
Price: Php 999 (100 ml)




A.V. Cream with Propolis  
Health Benefits: For calloused, dry and flaky skin, Prevent keloids, lightens and smoothen scars, stretch marks.  Enhances complexion by improving micro-capillary blood circulation, For allergies and other skin problems, Accelerates regeneration of damaged cells
Price: Php 1,299 (100 ml)







A.V. Cream Soap 
Health Benefits: Soap Free, does not leave residue, Gently Cleanses without drying the skin, Contains moisturizing oils, prevents skin dehydration, Good for the face, hands and all body parts
Price: Php 649 (25 0ml)



 A.V. Hand Cream / Soft Skin  Cream
Health Benefits: Soften and smoothens hands, Prevents skin dryness, Restores skin moisture, None greasy, easily absorbed  
Price:  Php 789 (100ml)



A.V. Cleansing Tisue
Health Benefits: Mild and  Alcohol Free. Aids removing dirt and make-up







  A.V. Lip Care
Health Benefits: softens and smoothens the lips, Protects sensitive skin, Prevents chapped & dry lips, Smallest Emergency KIT for pimples, insect bites or itchiness, wounds and ease redness.

Price:   Php 315 (4g)

  A.V. Thermo Lotion 
Health Benefits: Supports blood circulation, For joints and muscle pains, Use before sports it will loosen muscle (will prevent muscle cramps), For sports injury (good only within 32 hours after it occurs), Recommended as massage Lotion
Price: Php 999 (100 ml)

  A.V. Cleansing Milk 
Health Benefits: Gentle facial wash that thoroughly cleanses and refreshes skin, Eliminates pollution particles and balances oil without drying the skin, Mild even for dry and sensitive skin, Followed by Skin Lotion (toner)
Price: Php 929 (200ml)


A.V. Cleansing Lotion (Toner)

 A.V. Day and Night Cream 
Health Benefits: visibly reverses the signs of aging at cellular level, acts to increase cell renewal in the epidermis, plumping the upper layers of the skin removing wrinkles, combination of latest free radicals scavenging botanicals  
Price: Php 1,285 (Day Cream), Php 1285  (Night Cream- 50ml)

A.V. Tooth Gel

Health Benefits: Cleanses thoroughly without affecting the tooth enamel, Helps prevent inflammations, gum bleeding, Good for gingivitis and pyorrhea, Has anti-bacteria (can use as feminine Wash). Guaranteed no morning breath.
Price: Php 369.00

   A.V. Body Balm Lotion
Health Benefits: Intensive moisturizing lotion for the body, Makes the skin feeling firm and smooth, Combination of Vitamins A & E protects the skin from free radicals. Lightens Skin and stretch marks.
Price: Php 999 (200ml)

  A.V. Conditioning Shampoo
Health Benefits: Minimizes hair damage, Prevent dryness, Gives volumes, shiny, soft, smooth hair

A.V. Hair and Body Shampoo
Health Benefits: Good for the hair and for the body, With Pro-vitamin B5 and other moisturizing  ingredients thus prevents dryness, Leaves hair & body soft, smooth and shiny

A.V. Leave on hair cure
Health Benefits: Intensive long lasting hair cure  that can last till your next hair wash, Creamy and rich moisturizer that provides a thin layer of hair protection, Smoothen and detangles hair


  A.V. Deo Roll-on
Health Benefits: For sensitive skin, Deodorizes, Antiseptic, fights bacteria
Price: Php 359 (50 ml)










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