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LR Health and Beauty Systems is a company from Germany which has a franchisee in more than 36 Countries worldwide - Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and Middle East. Rest of Asia is forthcoming. They offer everyone the Chance to Change with Health, Beauty and Opportunity. All products are "Made in Germany". Certifications include Fresenius Institute, Dermatest, International Aloe Science Council. No Fees, No Costs, No ongoing charges, No Risks. They are inviting everyone to join their continually growing multi-cultural successful team today. 


Three great reasons why everyone should join:

 1) You can buy wholesale, direct from the Company and save 40% mark-up. 

2) You can sell the products via direct selling and make a quick and high retail profit of 40%. 

3) Build a business and create a successful future with passive income. 

LR has its own organically growing Aloe Vera plantations and Aloe Vera range is one pillar of strength. The other pillar of strength is the Starbox Perfumery which consists of beautiful fragrances created in partnership with LR and  Several Exclusive Celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Christina Aguilera, Carmen Electra, Boris Becker, Michael Schumacher and many more. With more than 1000 products, there is something for the whole family. They also launched LR innovative cosmetics.  LR has unique car incentives such as Mercedes Benz and traveling incentives. You too can drive one of these. We'll be more than happy to help anyone that wants to work to achieve success.  

LR Success, Expansion & Achievement

LR is just one example of how motivation can lead to great success and how one brainy idea can lead to a multi-million dollar 24 year old reputable international company. The company was launched in 1985 by two young Germans. Their goal was to produce quality health and beauty products at affordable prices. Today LR operates in more than 36 countries worldwide. As LR expanded so did the number of products with many other ranges being added to identify the latest trends and needs by consumers. The rewards of LR success are shared with their LR partners. LR continues to devote their time and effort by providing the investment for the company’s future successors. LR invests their time and money in new products, innovative trends, promotions, partner rewards and incentives and through continuous rigorous testing of all products both new and original. After more than 20 years of success, the future is looking brighter for LR as they move forward and continue to focus on three areas of expertise: Health, Beauty & Opportunity.  

LR continues to grow at a rapid rate with further plans to expand in more markets. LR is an ethical, stable and well established business which will continue to grow despite economic times. This is due to LR’s commitment to quality products, the best opportunity and business investments.

The best thing about LR expansion is that there is no limit to sales partners what market they precede or deal within, it’s a global business with no restrictions! LR is world renowned for its celebrity contracts which it hands over to selected celebrities each year. The most unique thing about the process is that these fragrances are exclusive to LR only. The fragrances are also developed by the beliefs and favorites of the celebrity themselves. Yes, the celebrity actually comes to LR  factory and research centre, picks out scents and with the experts in the field to help them, there is nothing like an LR fragrance especially when Heidi Klum is just one celebrity fragrance from LR range. This stylish young German model has continued to be the image of LR and still is featuring on our latest front cover for 2008 & 2009.

The basis of this success is in the trust that LR Health and Beauty Systems Independent Sales Partners and Consumers have in the Company. They are aware of this and will do everything to ensure that this is earned. 

Always with their finger on the pulse and setting trends, LR continuously invest in research and development. With the establishment of  new "scientific advisory board" LR now have more professional know-how available to them. The board will support LR in product innovation, scientific analysis and clinical operations.

The LR story begins with the devotion of two concepts. The combination of both health and beauty make LR unique to the industry. In addition to this LR believes they  have a top marketing plan.  

LR  core belief is helping you reach your journey through the pathway of success.